2022 News:

December 26th, 2022

I've updated the Old West water towers on the DLS with new models and textures; and updated the script to replace functions that are now obsolete. I also uploaded a second version of the earlt V&T water car No. 42, and the V&T Kimball set of cars 1-4 (as built; 1872-1874) to go along with Dan Gollery's updated V&T Baldwin 4-4-0's at Trainz Forge Finally, I've updated all my stub switch stand; cleaning up various model issues and updating the scripts to replace obsolete functions.

October 18th, 2022

Now that this year's V&T Conference is over, I've uploaded this years (and 2019's) presentations to the Presentations page. I've also put some dual and three track versions of the wood crossings on the DLS, as well as a yellow version of the 24' CP-built V&T flat. Finally, I've started updating some of my old water tanks, as some of the scripting is obsolete in modern Trainz versions. The first two have been uploaded to the DLS, the others are in progress.

August 25th, 2022

I restarted the V&T route - the USGS posted higher-resolution DEMs and I thought that would be a good improvement. In addition, the old route had been through many Trainz versions and upgrades and was starting to show some signs of instability. I'll update the V&T page with progress of the new route Soon(tm). I just uploaded a set of wooden crossing boards, both fresh and weathered wood versions. I've also uploaded some various buildings and updates / bug fixes of older content; which will continue as N3V continues to improve their error-checking. Since the last update (back in 2019!), I've also uploaded some tunnel splines, V&T coaches 1 and 2 (original), new versions of the pin-connected bridge, some additional fill splines, an early V&T water car, an one-room school house, a series of V&T early flat cars, and some additional early track versions. I'll also work on getting the download pages updated. I'd like to convert them to a database to allow for better searching, but that might be a while.....