2008 news:

December 20th, 2008

The stub switches are on the DLS.  I also finally released the round-roofed 30in narrow-gauge boxcar in a fetching blue paint scheme.  I tweaked the 30" boxcar trucks to allow for easier reskinning, so there's a new version of the peaked roof boxcar on the DLS, as well.

December 3rd, 2008

Thanks to the new error-checker in TS2009, I've found a couple of errors in my ore cars and short coaches.  These have been fixed, and updated versions are now available on the DLS.  I've also uploaded a set of stub switches to the DLS, where they are currently awaiting approval.

October 28th, 2008

Added the first of three new tutorials by Rick (thegrindre / steamdrivre).
Started building V&T coach / cabooses Nos 5 and 6, as well as a version of caboose 9 with a cupola (1913-1938).

August 21st, 2008

Uploaded a set of 30ng small truss bridges to match my trestles already on the DLS.  Also moved the handrails out a touch on the trestles to better accommodate the larger ng30 engines.

July 9th, 2008

Ground textures, lineside buildings, road bridges, irrigation ditches, and a tan line of NG30 track & accessories are all now available on the DLS.  1st batch of upgraded standard gauge track in 4 different rail rust levels has also been sent to the DLS.

June 29th, 2008

Track has been laid to Steamboat (MP12). In process of filling in details such as fencing, sidings, culverts, road and cattle crossings, bridges, etc.
Right and left stub switches are now functioning; 3-way still have a couple of intermittent bugs to iron out.  Sent a couple of ground textures, irrigation ditches, and small line-side buildings to the DLS.

May 21, 2008

Track on the V&T layout has been laid to just past Steamboat (~ MP12).  I'm in the process of creating and placing the various sidings, culverts, bridges, road crossings, and cattle guards along that section.
With some help from Bob Pearson and Andi06, I have also completed two functioning stub turnouts, which will work in TRS'06 and later.  The 3-way switches still need a little work.

Apr 27th, 2008

Ken has started a gallery at http://www.carsoncarshops.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=45 showing some of his work.
I've finished and animated the Reno engine house and sceniced the area around the V&T yards, laid the tracks for the SP yard in Reno, and started work on some of the Reno commercial buildings.
Also created two new road bridges for use in Reno.

Mar 30th, 2008

I've started working on some of the Reno yard buildings.  I've completed the water tower and handcar shed, as well as the detailed LoD for the turntable, and am also continuing to work on cab mode for the Porter locomotives.

Mar 16th, 2008

Fruit company, Oil tank, Old West Passenger depot 2, and 30ng boxcars are all on the DLS.
Currently working on functional cab mode for the Porters.

Mar 6th, 2008

Fixed *another* scripting error in the fruit company and oil tank; both have been posted on the beta page, and will go to the DLS next week (if no more problems!)
The 30" gauge boxcar and a second old west passenger depot have also been completed, and are on the beta page.

Feb 27th, 2008

Updated the wood fuel sheds to use Bdaneal's new fuel.  Also fixed a minor scripting error in the Fruit Company and Oil Tank - all are now on the DLS.

Feb 21st, 2008

36' boxcar, flat car, and ventilated boxcar are on the DLS, along with 4 generic passenger platforms that can be used to give old west passenger, mail, baggage, and express cargo capabilities to an inactive depot.  Also found and corrected a minor UVW issue on some of the NG30 track.
Currently working on a new NG30 boxcar, wood fuel shed, and a set of track in a 3rd color.

Feb 12th, 2008

36' boxcar, flatcar, and ventilated boxcar are now on the beta page - if no issues; I'll probably upload them to the DLS next week.

Feb 6th, 2008

36" narrow gauge flatcar is now on the DLS - now you can refill wood fuel sheds on 3' narrow gauge lines.
Work on the 36' boxcar is nearly complete, and work has started on a 36' flatcar and a 36' ventilated boxcar; all circa 1910 or so.

Jan 22nd, 2008

V&T rolling stock is now available on the DLS.

Jan 15th, 2008

Several V&T structures are now available on the DLS.  A large batch of V&T rolling stock is awaiting approval from Auran, and will hopefully be on the DLS soon.
Started work on a set of 36" narrow gauge flatcars, a set of early 20th century boxcars, flat cars, and a combination car; as well as a set of animated stub switches.