Work in progress

List of Trainz content under construction; updated sporadically...

Screenshot Description  

Reno freight depots / warehouses ca early 1870s

Models / texturing complete; still needs interactive product functionality.


Reno passenger depot / hotel ca early 1870s

Model in progress.


Old Washoe City buildings.

The doors and windows still need work, as well as adding downspouts and other details.


V & T Motor Car No. 23

Model / texturing complete; still need driver model, sounds, and engine spec.


Virginia City Bunkhouse / VC depot (1st)

Texturing about 1/2 way for the first version; planning 3x versions based on historical changes...


24' flat car rebuild

CP-built cars complete; still need to do Kimball and V&T-built versions.


Crown Point trestle (as-built)

Modeled / UV mapped. Needs NBW details; better texture; lods.


Ca 1868 Union Pacific coach

Model in progress.


SPNG Turntable

Based on the table in Laws, CA. Derivatives will be made to update the Grass Valley and Nevada City NCNG tables. Needs lods and textures, as well as an updated pit....


1920's Dodge Model 30

More early 1920's traffic......


Dayton Depot

Working on interior of freight depot


McKeen Motorcar House

Needs a little more mesh and texture work, then bake the shadows and lods.


Carson City turntable

Started work on the pit model.  Still needs detail in the textures and higher resolution rails for the track.


Combination cars

1st version uploaded to the DLS, more coming


V & T Minden combination depot

The V & T depot at Minden, NV.  Almost complete, with just a little cleanup remaining.


Meyers Mercantile

A trackside general store in Minden, NV.  Will be industry interactive.



For PNWR 2301-2317; ex Santa Fe units. Modification of Auran's old GP38 mesh.


V & T Franktown depot (later)

The V & T depot at Franktown, NV

Still some detail work remaining, as well as weathering, LoDs, and scripting.


Portland and Western No. 1501

A PNWR / WPRR ex-SP SD7 in 'heritage' paint.

Another build from Ben Neal's SD9 model; mostly texturing remaining....


Portland and Western No. 1852

Yet another PNWR / WPRR ex-SP SD9; also in 'heritage' paint.

Another build from Ben Neal's SD9 model; mostly texturing remaining....


Minden Flour Mill

Two versions are in-game, but still need a bit of tweaking and optimization.


DeHavilland biplanes

Re-built the model and textures, and uploaded the static models to the DLS.  Still need to make a pilot model to complete the flyable versions.


Locomotive # 27

Rebuilding the loco and tender models to match the drawings.


White Pass and Yukon RR Containers

Working on high detail LOD. Also need grunge and alternate models to reduce repetition.


V & T Franktown Depot (original)

Model / texturing continuing.


Virginia City Roundhouse (1870)

Converted model to Blender; upgrading details


Coaches 1-4 (1920's)

Obsolete model; will redo based on new models


Virginia City Standard Oil

Model is pretty much complete; still needs LOD; textures; animation, and product processing functionality.


Carson City Engine house

Converted to Blender, and a little more detail added. Needs remaining windows, interior details, lods, etc.  Main doors are now animated and scripted to open automatically.


Stub Switches

Broke the animation; need to fix it; add lods, refine details.


Washoe County Courthouse

Needs some more model detail and a lot of texture cleanup.  But it looks OK from a distance!


Virginia City Old Mill

Old mill, north of the VC engine yards.  Model has been imported in Blender and now has baked shadows.  Needs more detail - but not sure how much as a background model....


Gold Hill Depot

Imported the model into Blender and consolidated the textures; added a shadow map.  Need to update the model with new information, add animation and product scripting.


Virginia City Freight Depot

Imported the model into Blender and consolidated the textures; added a shadow map.  Need to update the model with new information and add animation.


NSW Sellers Turntable

Need to redo with new Blender table.


Boxcar 1015

Rebuild in progress


West Carson Yards Engine House

3 versions remaining.  Just need to add the period-specific details (sheds, smoke jacks, etc.)


Con-Virginia Mine

Post-1875 version. Base outline complete; animation, details, and scripting remaining.


Reno city block

Circa 1922. Base outline complete; more details and texturing remaining.


Reno Riverside Mill

Circa 1922. Base outline complete; more details, texturing remaining, and product scripting remaining.