2006 news:

Dec 9th, 2006

The mogul is in-game!  Still quite a bit left to do, but a happy milestone nonetheless.  Pics in the gallery.
Finally UVWmapped the combination boxcar, and created a new product (hay) that is the same size and interchangeable with my general goods.  Just need to texture the boxcar now....

Dec 3rd, 2006

Uploaded beta of 3' narrow gauge version of the roundhouse; has a 65' table to fit K36 locomotives.
A 65' locomotive might *just* squeeze in the larger 4 stalls on the left of the roundhouse, but there's not a chance it would fit in the right hand stalls.

Nov 29th, 2006

Updated links page with additional Trainz links and added a V&T section.
Uploaded St Paul & Pacific coaches to the beta page.
Uploaded V&T flat cars to the beta page.

Nov 15th, 2006

Lumber version of the drivable steam schooner is in progress; hoping to upload by the end of the week.
I'm also finishing up adding a bunch of detail to the VC Passenger depot; that, should be also completed by the end of the week.  I'll probably release it with the SP&P passenger cars.

Nov 9th, 2006

SP&P coach and combine are in-game and functional, just a little cleanup (and LODs) to go...
NCNG turntables; oil tank submitted to DLS.  Steam schooner will follow as soon as I test the last-minute load changes.
Completed animations for the Mogul; focusing now on model and texture completion.

Nov 5th, 2006

Added "Ghosts of the V&T" page, with photographs I took in 2000 of various remnants of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad.

Nov 4th, 2006

Added Nevada County Narrow Gauge turntables to the beta page.

Oct 30th, 2006

Added oil tank, passenger depot, and passenger car shed to beta page.

Oct 26th, 2006

Added new drivable steam schooner to the beta page; now with LoD.  Also added beta of an 8-ton ore car.
Still working on NCNG turntables, working on scaling from photographs.
Started passenger and baggage cars for St. Paul and Pacific; should be posting wip pictures soon.

Oct 7th, 2006

Added source files to the download page for the UP caboose, the water tank, and the roundhouse / turntable.  Main LoD of the Carson oil tank is complete, working on the lower versions.  Also did 2x 3' narrow gauge versions of the A-frame turntable, based on NCNG prototypes; they should be ready for upload shortly.

Oct 1st, 2006

UP & CP cabooses, roundhouse, water tower, and Howe truss bridge are all available on the DLS.

Sept 29th, 2006

Betas of cabooses, roundhouse, and a bridge are now posted.  Started modifying Ben's 'Inyo' model into a series of Baldwin Moguls (V&T nos 4-8, 10).  Also started on the Carson City oil tank (1906-1950) to provide a method of refueling oil-fired trainz.

Sept 22nd, 2006

Old time water tank beta posted.
Initial cabooses are nearly complete.  Still need interior views and night windows.  CP and UP versions still need a little skin work.  Hopefully a beta in a couple days.

Sept. 14th, 2006

V&T coach-caboose No 9 is in-game!  Still some cleanup work to be done (maybe another week?)
This will also be the base for the CP and UP cabooses.

Sept. 7th, 2006

24' flat cars are now available on the DLS

Sep. 4th, 2006

34' box cars are now available on the DLS!
I've also started uploading new versions of the previous Old West content, mainly to fix the bad thumbnails, but also I've added some minor graphical improvements (updated brake wheels, some LOD issues with the gondolas, slightly better flat car decks).

Aug 24th, 2006

Uploaded 1st batch of UP & CP cars to the DLS.