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Specializing in creating content for Auran's Trainz Railroad Simulator; focusing primarily on Old West content in general, and the Virginia & Truckee Railroad in specific.


March 24th, 2019

Daniel has been making really good progress on the CP and UP locomotives; keep an eye out at Trainz_Forge for their various releases.
Andrew reminded me that the early CP cars were a bit more red; switching to a browner color around 1868. So, I redid the 25' boxes, splitting them into two colors and added the early 1864 cars. Those are now availible on the DLS. I also finished the UP caboose rebuild. It, too, is on the DLS, lettered for three different divisions. The CP passenger trucks are done now, so I just have some claenup to do on the subsistence and director's cars. Finally, I made a set of 28' UP boxcars. Those should be availible on the DLS in a day or two.

Febuary 24th, 2019

The 25' Central Pacific boxcar is now completed and on the DLS. I've also uploaded two sets of telegraph lines. One replaces the old set I had on the DLS with better aged wood textures and the other is a set of 'new' poles and wires. A 37-star flag (1867-1877) and a redder / browner reskin of the fill spline round out the uploads for this month.

Febuary 4th, 2019

I've completed and uploaded the new rebuilt CP and UP platform cars, as well as the CP water car, and some more track varients (hewn ties ala early UP track, weathered tie versions, and some ballast splines.)

January 13th, 2019

Happy New Year!!
Work on the Promontory project continues: Trainboi has completed his 119 and Jupiter models; they are now available for download from Trainz Forge. I revised the CP directors car with new paint information from Andrew Brandon, and updated the model following an inspection of the existing car at NSRM. I also built a CP water car (the later square version) - though it's also still waiting for the CP freight trucks to finish up. Finally, I completed and uploaded a model of the original V&T trestle at Reno (1871-1880).