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doug s
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Mojave & Panamint

Postby doug s » Thu Apr 16, 2020 2:18 pm


I've been following the Mojave & Panamint discussions here with some interest; long ago, I independently came up with a similar scheme and the identical name. intention was to make a Trainz route. Later I discovered Craig Tice's excellent work (actually landmark work, to my mind).

For everyone's amusement, I've posted a video on youtube where I discuss this a bit:

Have fun.

24 minutes.

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Re: Mojave & Panamint

Postby Kegg_Works » Mon May 18, 2020 9:10 am

Wow Doug! That's some really impressive stuff you have there! Thanks so much for sharing! The M&P I built is purely inspired by Tice's HOn3 layout and concept.

I gotta say, you've actually made me rethink Slate Range Pass on my route a bit. I still want to keep the tunnel, as that was one of Tice's landmarks on his layout, but may prove to be a better route than what I laid.

That and your LA&I and Panamint RR routes really intrigue me. My route for the LA&I follows most of what is today the Trona Railroad. There is a long straight section just south of the lake where I placed Panamint Jct, where my version of the M&P begins. Your projected plot of the LA&I seems to take a more easterly approach around the lake, correct me if I'm wrong.

I have been honestly toying with the idea of a separate lone or branch to go to Panamint City, starting from Ballarat, CA, where the M&P terminus is. I initially decided that it would be too difficult and steep to build a railroad to Panamint City, but I am an amateur and lack your expertise. But seeing someone, who knows what they're doing, has given me some new inspiration!

On a side note, regarding your Panamint City RR and potential motive power, there was another interesting little railroad called the Battle Mountain & Lewis in Nevada. It was a 3ft gauge operation that went up Lewis Canyon and had a 7% grade. The leased a Baldwin built 4-4-0 from the Nevada Cantral to operate the line. It was limited to two cars given the steep grade. But it is possible to use more "conventional" steam engines on a 6% grade, especially for the time period you're talking about.

I haven't done any real updates to my Trainz route, mostly because I seem to be having issues with not only the game by my PC as well. So I'm in need of a new machine. And then I want to start investing more time into developing it. Even if it means relocating some of the M&P's right-of-way!

Maybe we can work collaboratively on a few things in the near future?

P.S. Got a question for you. According to Tice there is supposedly a lava dome somewhere in the Panamint Valley. His projected route passes near it and I've been unsuccessful in locating it on google earth or on my route map. If you happen to know its location Inwould very much appreciate being pointed in the right direction.
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doug s
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Re: Mojave & Panamint

Postby doug s » Tue May 26, 2020 1:00 pm

Thanks for the reply.

I'd certainly be up for some collaboration. I'll send you a PM with my email.

Your comments raise a number of interesting, relevant points.

Regarding a summit tunnel at Slate Range Pass, the alignment that you see does allow for a summit tunnel; I calculated it and drew it, but didn't show it or discuss it only because I was trying to keep the video short. In real route design, a common procedure was a design an alignment to allow for both a cheap initial build and future investment in improvements as those became economically viable. I ran many trial alignments, and most of those allowed for a summit tunnel.

The alignment that you saw does run easterly around the dry lake in the floor of Panamint Valley; other alignments are possible, and I tried quite a few. There's an excellent potential crossing of the dry lake very close to the spot that later became Ballarat, very hand for a scenario where M&P construction from the mid-1870s is able to serve Ballarat developments in the mid-1890s. And actual LA&I maps and documents seem to show an alignment solution like the one I chose, part of why I chose it.

There's plenty more that could be said, but I want to avoid burying everyone with words.

- Doug

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