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EBT #17

EBT_17.jpg DSP&P #71Thumbnails30ng 4-8-4DSP&P #71Thumbnails30ng 4-8-4DSP&P #71Thumbnails30ng 4-8-4DSP&P #71Thumbnails30ng 4-8-4DSP&P #71Thumbnails30ng 4-8-4

The EBT wasn't an western mining railroad, it was an eastern one. The pictured engine is 17, one of the heavier 2-8-2s on the line


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  • Trainboy - Thursday 8 December 2011 15:12
    I have done a lot of work on TRS modeling the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company, E.B.T.R.R.&C.Co. so far I have the entire line from Mt. Union PA, to Robertsdale PA. Rockhill yard is almost a dead ringer for the real thing, (track wise) I am not a tech savy person, so I use a lot of stand in buildings. Any way, I would love to see some EBT locomotives, such as the 12 or 15. Most of my cars are DRGW, or cars with no markings. I use 36 inch gauge two bay hoppers most of the time with a wood hopper or two thrown in. Since some of ya'll seem to make you own locomotives, think you can make some more in EBT? It would be greatly welcomed in the hobby!